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Chris offers two types of lectures, one for the public and one for fellow magicians.


Public Lectures
A former Secretary of the society, a director of the Centre of Magic Arts and a gold star member of The Inner Magic Circle, Chris regularly presents a question and answer session to Probus clubs, institutes and organisations about the history of magic and and what it is like being a member of the society. All Illustrated with some impossible effects, naturally. 


Magic Club Lectures

You will invariably find Chris sessioning at The Magic Circle on a Monday night in the club room, sharing and refining presentations for effects. This led to requests for him to lecture and share at local magic clubs as well. His subsequent lecture shares some of his ideas and attention to detail that help transform effects from being "tricks" into "magic". Examples provided cover coins, cards and mental effects.


Chris' main influences are Dai Vernon, Slydini, John Ramsey and Fred Kaps. His mentor in his youth, (alongside Michael Vincent) was Alan Alan.


Chris is a regular close-up performer at various events at The Magic Circle and organises their Close-Up shows. He believes from experience, that thoughtful, intelligent magic still appeals to a modern audience, all the more perhaps because it treats them with respect.


"There is no need to expose, cheapen or apologise for magic in an attempt to make it more acceptable. You just have to be good." CW.

"... the wording on his website is “Magic with Charm” and that is exactly what this evening’s event proved to be. ...This evening had no hype, no dealer dem, and no needless fillers. It was simply a master-class in presentation and misdirection."  
Bexleyheath Magic Society
" of those rare magicians who can truly deliver a lecture... there was some superb magic to be seen... It was no wonder at the end of the evening he received a long ovation."
British Magical Society
"...if you've not booked him do it now!! One of the best lectures I've seen for a while."
Leicester Magic Circle
"Special thanks for giving us an amazing lecture and blowing our minds! ...the members really loved it and I think you've inspired them all to get out and perform more."
UKC Magic Society
"This lecture covered so many topics important in magic; packed with references from, and stories of, the people who shaped the magic world; intelligent magic theory and techniques and access to chat to a guy who really knows and loves his subject."
Exonian Magic Society

"Last night we were treated to a Master Class lecture by Chris Wood MIMC with something for everyone. Some great effects and explanations but also a great insight to all the subtleties behind those effects and all delivered with charm."
Ilford Magic Society